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American travel website manages mode
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Electronic business affairs of the United States walks along alive bound front row already was the fact that does not dispute. The market element such as the consumptive demand of terms of payment of its safety, credit card, netizen and businessman website already was had, a lot of domains show purchase and sale the posture of two flourishing, if book and PC are sold on the net,waiting already was common.

Actually, in domain of electronic business affairs, the travel on the net also is being begun like a raging fire, travel not only professional website amount is amazing, and had formed type, function more all ready, cover tourism system of industry of the travel on the net of each respects. The online sale of travel commodity and service is affecting tourist of more and more families, business affairs, travel to serve a provider to wait, be in at the same time this domain, the website builds invest dimensions and no less than other spheres. Investigate its reason depends on, the potential of this market is very tremendous.

Current, travel electron business affairs of the United States is reflected centrally quite on the net ticket of the plane that order, restaurant is booked and the car rents the respect such as the service, be promoted on the net that still has kind of all sorts of tourism groups, travel at the same time and book. The article basically will travel to the United States the management mode of the website undertakes discussing, with period the development that can be industry of the travel on domestic network is offerred draw lessons from.

Management mode

1. information content

Be in the United States, no matter be the travel website of which kinds of type, its information content involves a few aspects commonly:

The information of the respect such as circuitry of tourist attraction, restaurant, travel.

News of note of travel common sense, travel, travel, money is changed, travel destination weather, environment, humanitarian wait for information and travel impressions.
With the product related travel and service information, and all sorts of privilege, discount.
The retrieval that aviation, restaurant, car hires a service and book etc.

2. serves a function

From the service the function looks, the service function of different travel website includes:

The assemble of travel information, transmission and communication.

The retrieval of travel information and navigation.

The online sale of travel product and service, include ticket Wu, restaurant, meal, car, travel to form a delegation etc.

Individuation subdues Wu surely, it already became travel website, especially online book the function with service necessary website. Have this function like the website such as Expedis, PreviewTravel, Travelocity. Current, each website is in the particular way of this respect very much the same, it is normally define an account by the person that visit (user name and password) , login next, next the website can offer similar the option of a few functions below:
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