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Is online brand to hang the new cake that lean?
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I had thought before this problem early, in 5 years of operation I travel the first times website when. Thinking truly is from wisdom brigade in May on congress, ni Zong to in when chief of station of English of brigade electron Department of Commerce raises this question!

Perhaps a few of home big companies have this plan early, so Ni Zong found a sign of disturbance or trouble. After all 51766 be to do platform of inn of travel agent net, can abuse at will no longer when the brand when, certainly will pounds a large number of individual travel agent the interest in electronic business affairs, the sale of inn of net of more immediate also impact and add were signed.

The manager of a few branches of the brigade in I and Sichuan has discussed this issue on dining table, what argue at that time is very intense, also do not have what conclusion of course. But the viewpoint that everybody agrees with consistently is, this kind of trend should come sooner or later. The central issue that discusses so is the problem that when comes.

About the foresight to this problem, in my operation website when had made preparation. Above all, my website name is amorous feelings holiday, outstanding Kang Hui also is to use a brand merely. My idea is to use Kang Hui brand to drive brand of website of amorous feelings holiday, own oneself famous website brand finally. This can see in a press release when from 7 years ADMIN5 visits me. Those who want to look is OK Baidu search: "Travel agent website from the break out of an encirclement in travel electron business affairs " one article.

Now, the wolf came. I know he wants to come sooner or later, what did not think arrival is so fast. If a travel agent is big,fellow calls in network brand, other old man people can come in great numbers.

For the moment does not discuss call in network brand can give these old man people a series of brought negative effect, below discusses the issue of the client be closely bound up with I and me. If one day I contract if the department cannot use these brands freely, how should I do?

The first: Old man people call in network brand, may undertake at the same time paid accredit, similar contract now the table should pay administration fee, use network brand may want pay brand to use fee. For the small department that this is popularized to building a website thousands of yuan, cost is added suddenly.

The 2nd: Old man people call in network brand, and oneself build countrywide call center, include area business area travel agent next. Such word, small department perhaps contracts of the table string string (note 1.1) people cannot benefit. Can oneself start network brand, not actual!

The 3rd: Old man people call in website brand, but still a lot of chance can be gotten. The skill of Chinese spec secure personal gain is NO1.

Think of temporarily so when, welcome everybody to complement.

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