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The experience that travel agent puts in in search engine is shared
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The travel agent that markets the work into field headquarters through Internet now is increasing, among them when majority travel agent is considering online advertisement to put in, without the meeting of one exception the choice searchs engine, be opposite actually them, also choose to search engine only. Because search those who bring the agent that prop up to last,be on one hand " annoy " , additional on one hand, go up in Internet sale really, the sexual price that also searchs engine only is compared highest, it is after all according to click collect fees, and a lot of travel agent before pass those who search engine to put in, obtained good gains, according to our estimation, travel industry puts in in search engine advocate in hold very large proportion. But discover not hard through long observation, there still is very large promotion space on the skill that enterprise of a lot of travel agent alls alone in search engine puts in. The discriminative knowledge that travel agent needs to search engine to differring, and the union with oneself enterprise and product, make those who give oneself put in strategy and measure. So how should travel agent undertake those who search engine put in?

Above all, we need to admit really to oneself enterprise and product. Travel agent cent receives a company for the ground, form a delegation company and wholesale company 3 kinds, before two kinds are search engine put in advocate, but different fixed position brings those who prop up to put in skill to also differ somewhat in the search. And to large company, have both especially the travel agent of two kinds of identities, the skill that put in needed to consider cautiously more.

Next, also need to be distinguished somewhat to the purpose that put in. Basically can divide into: 1, give priority to in order to visit an amount; 2, give priority to in order to visit quality. The judgement that these two kinds of means cannot make clear goes out which kind of better, only way tries namely or use alternately. Visitting an amount is the basis that the client changes; And although what visit quality is valued by a lot of decision-maker, but when choosing term, area, period of time, need rich experience and accurate market to hold ability however.

Again, to putting in the control of measure and cost. To travel agent, the pure profit that the cost that puts place on expenditure is travel agent. The gain that at present home swims is very small, online the competition that put in is very intense also, blind throws very easy blow to put in quickly advocate confidence. The method that must use an attempt will undertake, below confident circumstance, increase stage by stage put in charge, gift is nicer raise investment return rate.

The goal that I say to put in mainly here and cost pilot a few principles. Before this, the premise that I need to reiterate is, no matter put in a purpose,the respect is given priority to with which, need to have spent control, also cannot be opposite ignore completely on the other hand, it is to emphasize particularly on merely just. The control of cost perhaps can be translated into the improvement that invests return rate, not be to say little investment is equal to control cost.
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