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Travel website: J of of Zhong Xing hands in Beng of be favored with bosomy Lon
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Travel should be a the development in electronic business affairs is earlier, more mature, the throughout the country's greatly small website N is much, do travel so much from me year in light of, big website can of gain is not very much, carrying Cheng of course is to be listed especially, what the time of very much instead small website passes is very moist, basically be the regional website that pressing with a finger receives rightly.

(one) national B2C platform

This best blame that do carried Cheng Mo to belong to now, carry Cheng to still cannot calculate actually true is B2C, because itself does not have resource, nevertheless hearsay carries Cheng to had begun to begin to build his chain public house now, this makes undoubtedly it more approach B2C, but the interest that possible also loss has resource client, the hope carries chess of Cheng this pace to be able to have gone, the better progress that drives business affairs of Chinese travel electron.

Another B2C tycoon is E dragon, depressed is the state that they remain lose money in business up to now. Nevertheless the leader of E dragon was changed, already cut all other business, withheld a hotel to book platform only, preparation takes the course with exact essence, hope they can have gone all the way!

(2) regional B2C platform

Receive a website like this kind regional ground, want the word that runs attentively only, what average life passes is quite moist still, although cannot send big money, but comparatively well-off life is to do not have problem drop ~~~~~ to lift the ground with a Huang Shan the most classical area to receive a website: Www.hssjfc.cn of travel agent of elegant demeanour of yellow hill century, this website does not say at ordinary times, odd holiday can be received of a lot of medicinal powder guest or group, this station stationmaster ever disclosed with me: This year 51 received 4 batches from Shanghai, Jiangsu the come over group there, still received a conference group that has 300 much people, I need not say the gain inside this believe everybody knows, suggest so stationmaster people if want to do travel, invest cautiously please, if you take bad definite view, might as well the land that makes this locality only accepts business.

(3) travel trades kind of website (C2C)

Be troubled by recently bubbling with noise " clean out treasure greatly " incident, I also paid close attention to a lot of, previously clean out treasure to sell airline ticket only, also begin to do the business of the hotel now, open the homepage that cleans out treasure to be able to see apparent navigation, clean out treasure the C2C platform that the occurrence of this business will make other very much is immersed in depressed with predicament in.

Paying close attention to a new C2C platform inside circle all the time recently: Go stroll stroll travel trades platform Www.9766.cc, the fixed position of this website is quite clear still, it offers the C2C of souvenir of airline ticket, hotel, travel to trade not just, go out to you travel looks for an excellent guidebook, and still offer free travel to seek advice from a service, and the Internet nowadays is such complex, a professional group offers travel to seek advice from a service to you, I feel this is right is to comparative for the tourist be necessary, also a lot of websites cannot be satisfied. The word that everybody has fun at is OK well this website below research.
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