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Qingdao - Nanning erected in the tourism distribution channel
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In order to increase the promotion of Tourism, in particular the expansion of winter tourism market. Nanning International tourism hub distribution center, establish a mechanism for mutual co-operation agency, were established in the remote sub-centers, each line in the other cities will be sales promotion and research and development in the country for the first time in Qingdao to Vietnam's international tourist bus line. Will be starting December 1, this line of very popular with the elderly welcome. Group currently has access to the country's 26 provinces and cities passenger lines, the main tourist cities around the country, this will be passenger lines and travel routes for combination to achieve the "grafting class line" operation mode, is a bold attempt . According to the National Tourism Administration on the travel agent tried to attract tourists and business matters related to spirit of the document distribution center in Nanning, Vietnamese outbound travel business and team matters delegated to the Group's international tourism center, distribution center for international tourism in Nanning, Qingdao and visitors will be entered in the exit contract, went to visit Vietnam. Recently, Nanning, Qingdao, distribution center has a comprehensive OTC tourist routes, and stresses health launched 6 Laoshan Taoist Tour in Nanning and Vietnam to focus on promotion, early next year, Qingdao is expected to usher in a large number of Vietnamese tourists. Passenger lines both sides as a link, the two members of the public can take the passenger lines, respectively, to reach different places, and also to the tourist bus for the add, as an effective vehicle for team travel. In order to meet the needs of high-end tourists, Nanning, Qingdao, and also opened tourist routes for aircraft to enhance exchanges between the two places, this is a new travel distribution model of cooperation.