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Tangshan "Twelve Five" period will be developed with three main tourism
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With three main tourism development Tangshan "Twelve Five" period, will vigorously develop tourism, to speed up tourism vacation travel, leisure travel and the southern coastal city center cultural experience tour with three main tourism development and construction. Strengthen the tourism product development and design of tourist routes, give full play to the natural and cultural resources and the adjacent location of Beijing and Tianjin, the transportation advantages to the historical and cultural tourism, eco-tourism, marine tourism as a key blue. Tangshan Bay focus on the implementation of international tourism island, Caofeidian Long Island, Zunhua leisure and tourism resort, the ancient Great Wall protection and development, Li Dazhao Memorial Red tour, city tours Qian'an riverside greenways and ecological leisure travel, eco-cultural tourism Luanxian and a number of tourism projects, fostering tourism brand. To "eat, live, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment" for the direction of organic integration of six elements, and promote the construction and ecological attractions, business, convention and exhibition building unity, tourism and leisure, shopping and entertainment, business combination, the effective extension tourism industry chain. Strengthen cooperation with international tourism organizations, especially large chain enterprises co-operate to enhance the tourism industry in Tangshan and service levels. ★ Culture Transformation "Culture City" With urban location and resources, create a regional cultural brand, focusing on cultivating the modern media, video production, performing arts, culture, advertising, exhibition, design services, entertainment, publishing and printing "format the seven cultural industries." The regulation of the market mechanism into full play the role, reducing the access threshold to establish a diversified investment system, to build an extension of Tangshan industrial culture, regional culture, revolutionary culture such as the six cultural industry chain, completed 2-3 at the provincial level cultural industry, cultural industry average annual growth rate remained at 20% or more, making it the pillar industry of national economy. Performing Arts Group, Tangshan bigger and stronger group of leading cultural enterprises, focusing on implementation of the city of Mountain Chinese cultural theme park, Museum of Modern China, South Lake Ecological Park and the Central Industrial Park, Hebei cultural and creative projects, including efforts to cultivate the cultural market, expansion of cultural consumption, and promote from the cultural city of Tangshan to the Culture City changes.