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Tangshan Yu Tian eight agricultural and cultural tourism projects signed in Be
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November 18 morning, "Yutian modern agriculture and promote leisure and tourism industry will be" held in Beijing, Tangshan building. At the meeting, the package display sharp Yutian cabbage, solitary tree, Ziziphus jujuba, Chinese soft-shelled turtle, Shuanghui Ham, shadow head Matang, and other characteristics of agricultural exhibits, a total of vegetables, grains, fruits, livestock, agricultural products processing top-five of 64 species, promote the investment environment, agriculture industry and leisure travel resources, 300,000 pigs standardized education Fertilizer base, Four Seasons Park green ecological and cultural scene 8 projects signed. It is understood that the promotion of projects signed at the meeting are agricultural and cultural tourism projects, including Sichuan New Hope Agribusiness Co., Ltd. will cooperate Yutian farming through farm leasing, financing, cooperative security culture, public Secretary + Stocking and other forms of contract farmers, investment in the standardization of pig fattening 300,000 base project. Lin, Beijing Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Hong Kong investment bank green ecological and cultural construction of the Four Seasons Park project, the main construction of ecological shelter forest, the Economic forest and Spa Resort, Health Park, the fairy tale world, dirt track racing and other eco-tourism projects. Tangshan Austria Morimichi modern fruit and vegetable storage, preservation, processing, distribution, total investment 120 million yuan, the year after completion of a variety of vegetables, fruits Store turnover 250 million tons, turnover of 150 million tons fresh, frozen turnover 90 million tons, vegetables, fruit processing and distribution 50 million tons, annual revenues of 100 million yuan. Tangshan Co., Ltd. and Beijing Olympic Morimichi together a Bixi Group After financing the construction of the lake eco-resort Yutian Bay project, a total investment of 2.37 billion yuan, with an investment of 650 million yuan to build eco-food park, children's playground, various sports venues and facilities, sand sculpture plaza and other projects. North Albert Xin Jing Kee Food Group Co., Ltd. project covers an area of 5,000 acres, divided into five industries: modern green agriculture; agricultural finishing; University of Chinese peasants base; ecological leisure and tourism; health pension, health . Yutian Jingyu Sports Leisure Resort Co., Ltd. The total investment 1,503,130,000 yuan, ski resort has been listed as State Sports General Administration Training Centre skiing in winter, the project put into operation, the annual income of up to 300 million yuan, tax of more than 3,000 yuan, increasing employment of 2000 people. Tangshan integrated trading center Jinyu Nong products emerging in the market with the Beijing Municipal Corporation will use the 1-2 years to build 1,000 acres of vegetable production base Actively build Yutian regional brands. American Bridge Co., Ltd. car theme park capital investment of $ 100,000,000 total project to build test drive base, and pull the ice track race track, the supporting auto 4S shop. In recent years, construction of Yutian closely around Beijing, Tianjin and green food supply base targets, adhere to the concept of industrialization and an open mind to transform traditional agriculture, the introduction of increasing agricultural projects, has been awarded the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone, the national grain production counties, the national food basket products advanced counties, the county leader vegetable industry in China, the hometown of Chinese cabbage, the national production base of lean meat producing counties and processing of agricultural products in Hebei province said Fanji to County, Hebei Province, export of vegetables quality and safety of the Model County Honor.