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Ningbo Siming Mountain red tourist attractions free of charge
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Anti-Japanese base areas as one of 19 nationwide, Ningbo important "red" tourism base - Siming Mountain Yuyao site of anti-Japanese base group, starting from June this year, free of charge since the hotbed of activity. According to preliminary statistics, from June to November 10, visitors exceeded 50,000 people. In recent years, Yuyao City, has invested 3 million yuan, the construction, a new revolutionary martyrs cemetery Siming Mountain, site of the regional party committee in East Zhejiang, eastern Zhejiang Civil Administration site, eastern Zhejiang former Japanese military and political cadre, Siming Mountain Museum of Revolutionary Martyrs deeds, the CPC Yuyao four The first branch of the Ming Shan Memorial room, visitors travel greatly enriched. Relying on red scenic spots in the influence of the same time, focus on promoting the area surrounding the red bayberry Park, Sang orchards, bonsai garden, cherry orchard and fishing park and other projects. Currently, a total of Yuyao Siming mountain town more than 100 farm music outlets, directly employing 1,000 people, direct sales income of more than 5,000 million years, a number of farm households a year music business operating income of 10 million -20 million.