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Tangshan Park will host the world to promote tourism development
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According to reports, October 6, 2016 Tangshan won the right to host the World Horticultural Exposition. Tangshan become the first host of the World Horticultural Exposition prefecture-level city, is the world's first use of coal mining subsidence Horticultural Exposition, in not take up the case of a sub-cultivated host the World Horticultural Exposition. I see this message, joy and pride at the same time, more thought is to take this opportunity to Tangshan city will be the great speed of economic development, the public benefit the most.

As 80 people in Tangshan, the city in recent years, the deepest feelings of the overall planning and demolition and renovation, the living environment has greatly improved the living standards of people in a gradual increase, the gap is gradually narrowing, the city from top to bottom Create happiness for all and continuous efforts. With the South Lake Ecological Park Central, earthquake Ruins Park and other tourist resources development and water projects around the city to open a new Tangshan becoming more so beautiful, the film "Tangshan Earthquake," the aggressively is the city of Tangshan Image did a publicity director Guoneishoubu membership by the Tangshan, creative producer, based in Tangshan dialect films "very careful" and will concern this city of Tangshan. The 2016 Tangshan World Park will be the host city, but also make the world more fully understand China and Tangshan, the city after the earthquake to show the world this miracle of restoration and reconstruction, but also in the following points to the great Tangshan economy development, so that most benefit the people of Tangshan.

1, Tangshan Park will host the world in 2016, will create more job opportunities. Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition will be a period of May 2016 to 10 months, the venue chosen the city of Tangshan in the South Lake Ecological Botanical Gardens, then, there will be dozens of countries and regions participating, the audience is expected to reach 10 million people or more. Park will host the world will expand domestic demand and create a great effect, increasing employment opportunities and improve people's income has a direct impact, university graduates and the general public, although not directly obtained from the International Horticultural Exposition direct income, but can indirectly access to employment opportunity to participate in the preparatory work.

2, Tangshan Park will host the world in 2016 to promote tourism. Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition will be held in the world's attention, that time will also have a large population movements, many domestic and foreign friends to participate in the World Horticultural Expo in Tangshan, and in 2016 coincided with the 40th anniversary of Tangshan earthquake, Tangshan Shi Park will Zeyi "phoenix city and nature" as its theme, the meaning is: fashion gardening, green, low-carbon life; city and nature coexist in harmony, the unique charm of the new Tangshan, all guests enjoy the set. To this end, during the park in preparation for the world, but also makes the tourism industry is also accelerating the development of Tangshan, about to take this occasion once again booming.

3, Tangshan Park will host the world in 2016, developed thriving horticultural industry. In a market economy, the horticulture industry is no longer the simple flowers planted grass, agricultural crop production, but an important part of human nutrition and landscaping for the rich and transform the human environment have a significant role. As a heavy industrial city of Tangshan, in the past on the agriculture and forestry, and no more progress, in recent years, the layout of the urban environment as the government's overall plan, and eventually promote the development of horticulture industry, and Tangshan Park will host the world in 2016 will be even more so horticultural industry has a more "money" way.

2016 World Park will be the overall development of the next few years, the enduring power of Tangshan, can be expected to create a new Tangshan better day tomorrow we will be more passion and energy, let us look forward to belong to the people of Tangshan in 2016, is a global world Park Association.