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New Tang Shan. New oil field. New seascape. New experience
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On June 1, 2007 morning, collect folk songs of travel press conference and 100 reporters Tang Shan sends the Tang Shan that with • of new landscape of • of “ new Tang Shan ” of new experience of new option • gives priority to a problem car ceremony, hold ceremoniously in hall of Beijing people congress, pulled open Tang Shan 7 years from this of canto of travel China colour prelusive. Leader, capital is close related Tang Shan municipal Party committee, municipal government reporter of media of a hunderd schools attends the meeting. Zhao Yong of secretary of Tang Shan municipal Party committee made ebullient speech on the meeting, invite capital citizen to go vacationing to sightseeing of Tang Shan travel cordially recreational. Subsequently, group of collect folk songs of ” of new landscape of • of experience “ new Tang Shan travels in Beijing distributing center center was ascended stick those who have bid of car of scenery of beautiful Tang Shan is medium cling to car, set foot on the happy journey of ” of new experience of • of “ new option.

The CCTV is famous compere Cui Yongyuan chairs a style with what fact of humor humour, truth says, make the one large window of this press conference. The famous and vocal actor of Tang Shan book is carried on invitation at Wen Hua of spokesman of figure of travel of hill of key link the Tang Dynasty issue letter one act, lifted a small climax. As Tang Shan the person's Yuwenhua says affectionately, oneself will sing with singing the enthusiasm of the elegant, Tang Shan's people that gives Tang Shan view reachs Tang Shan more good tomorrow.

Then " People's Daily " , " CCTV " , " Chinese travel signs up for " wait for a reporter to quiz early or late. If how Shang Xiaochen of our newspaper reporter develops a such Beijing huge passenger source markets with respect to Tang Shan government, the problem quizs, the comrade of leader of municipal Party committee such as Zhang Guodong of Zhao Yong of secretary of Tang Shan municipal Party committee, mayor is done in succession answer.

Tang Shan, a long historical famous city, one involves the new city that noting mood of millions upon millions compatriots and hope, the phoenix of renascence of fire of a bath, using another miracle, signing up for compatriots back and forth the care to her and support. Today, tang Shan travels more brought more surprises for broad capital citizen with brand-new scene.

Liu Yongjiang of director of bureau of tourism of Tang Shan city did Tang Shan travel to start the advantage of Beijing field to analyse: Be apart from an advantage nearly, tang Shan is apart from Cheng of 2 hours of cars of Beijing; 2 it is product advantage, tang Shan has product of relics of historic site of hill, sea, lake, Great Wall, Huang Ling, culture, earthquake and rustic travel, not only class is much, and achieved diversity combination, the tourist that is diverse demand provided choice space; 3 it is emotional advantage, head steel settle Tang Shan, tang Shan became the new home of a steel, more the emotional distance that helped two cities; 4 it is experience amlposition advantage, the urbanism and the city in development and metropolitan amlposition, amlposition that countryside travels, amlposition between product style, the new move that these deriving come out is the powerful appeal of travel; 5 it is characteristic offers an advantage, the product such as Tang Shan's beach, island, primitive Great Wall, the place such as tom-tom of Pi Ying, happy booth is literary, hemp candy, pottery and porcelain, fresh the commodity such as sea product has distinguishing feature extremely.
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