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How is travel change harvested how do 2008 change travel first fall fall picked
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On September 6 morning 9: 00, change installs city to travel first fall picked section is recommended can hold smoothly in restaurant of change An Jinjiang. Director of bureau of tourism of town of county of share of city of Zhang Jingtian of deputy director general of bureau of tourism of city of Zhang Qingmin of member of municipal government leading Party group, Tang Shan, Tang Shan attended the meeting.
On the meeting, market of travel of the Olympic Games after Comrade Zhang Jingtian is started actively to the our city offerred height affirmation. He points out: Change installs municipal Party committee, municipal government to travel through making of each job such as the establishment of program, perfect travel, strength that increases resource advantage project to develop construction begin in order, make change installed quality of travel industry whole and comprehensive strength to all have rise significantly. The urban style and features that how change uses pure and fresh, modernization adapted the black impression that steely change installs, change brings the vision of sex of the look up before city tourism bureau is used, pioneering job is depicted gave change to install travel beautiful beautiful scenery. What the success of Beijing Olympic Games brings to the development of Chinese tourism future is huge profit good, tourist of China and foreign countries can be affected to the attention of Beijing and radiation reachs our city circumjacent area. How does change travel to pluck the section highlighted rustic travel to participate in a gender fall strong, return to natural advantage, the market effect that the Olympic Games after was being catered to travels, especially at during festival reachs 11 golden weeks to come mid-autumn, held it may be said just is an opportunity.
Piece 淸quick comrade points out: Conduct this activity, it is the new achievement that should publicize new rural area of our city socialism to build in the round, show the new gain of contemporary establishment agriculture and development of characteristic countryside travel; 2 it is to want to advance Cheng of rich laborer of our city “122” energetically, bumper harvest of executive agriculture travel plans, farther play tourism builds medium main effect in socialistic new rural area; 3 it is to should abound change to bring fall travel product, active travel market, in the Mid-autumn Festival and “ during 11 ” golden week, guide healthy and appropriate travel spending; 4 it is countryside of city tourism bureau, relevant town must be chance with recommending an activity this, increase strength of propagandist sales promotion, innovation publicizes sales promotion means, extend market of travel of the Olympic Games after the our city actively.
After the meeting, personnel attending the meeting visited the area of scene of yellow stage lake with our city pretty scenery, go to big Cui Zhuang to press down village of stone staircase channel to pluck garden plucks on the spot. The rural scenery with pretty landscape, stretch one's hand the fructification of again and again that can reach brought infinite joy to picked activity. Plucking on hill sweet the tourist of pear tells a reporter: “ feels be others always in the supermarket, always feel this bad that is bad; Pluck personally in the orchard different, be like is him in the home, oneself valued ability to be picked. ”
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